Monday, May 1, 2017

Utility and Possibilities of 3D CG Programs in Modern Society

Utility and Possibilities of 3D CG Programs in Modern Society
Gautam Kumar Goswami
Assistant professor, Department of Animation and Multimedia.
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra: Ranchi , Jaipur campus
          Sculpture is an art form where people can enjoy the form and structure from all the sides. Even a blind person can enjoy a sculpture. The creation of sculpture has been practiced since emerging of human civilization. Apart from conventional sculpture, people create 3 dimensional forms for different purpose and utilities like architecture, ceramic and pottery, toys, etc. Normally architect creates prototype to show original look and design of the building. Other designs of product also need a prototype for their visualization.
           In multimedia technology, 3D CG programs have created a revolution in the field of 3 dimensional arts. It is now easier to visualize any product before the final executions with the help of 3D programs. 3D printer is another revolutionary product which has lot of future possibilities which are still on experiment level.
       From consumer to manufacturer, different training programs to children’s knowledge, health sector to entertainment and product design to artistic satisfaction; 3D software have a strong role and possibilities.
In my paper I want to focus on different utilities and future possibilities of 3D software to empower modern human society.
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