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Importance of Multimedia in Promotion of Fine Arts and Empowerment of Society

Importance of Multimedia in Promotion of Fine Arts and Empowerment of Society
Madhu Gupta
Fine Art Teacher

I practice Fine Arts, as it is my life, a direct talk to myself and to God as well. Many a times I live silently and sometimes talking from inside, continuously by observing and feeling this world of technology, which is very difficult and complicated for me as well.
I wish to express my views on the importance of multimedia as I am blessed by its benefits. It is a very powerful media to share my feelings through sharing my art work to the society.
As we all know it is Hi-tech era where no one think their lives without technology. We have to understand their importance and usage for the society’s growth and development. It is the media which is so powerful that helps to explore the world without much efforts. It is an advanced and interesting technique for the teaching learning process also. Nowadays no subject is left to cover by the multimedia. It provides latest news, information, facts and figures, discoveries and inventions from all parts of the world, right to us at our place.
We all are getting benefited by its extraordinary services. Any one, at any part of the world can share and exchange their views through this technology. Multimedia provides us the latest structure and character of the society. Society as a unit of the whole world may grow and develops by the grace of latest multimedia technology besides its soul (love, peace and harmony) i.e. humanity on earth. It sounds like a heaven on the earth that we all wish to be.
For an artist, multimedia technology is a very effective way to express his/her imagination to a large number of people without much efforts. Even non-fine-arts creators may become an artist or a designer by using variety of tools of multimedia. Here I would like to share some of my artworks which are expressing society’s vibes that affects the growth of an individual and vice – versa.

Mix Media on Paper
By Madhu Gupta

It was releasing of my energy of that I get from the society on the paper through mix media, when my mind, body and soul talk to each other. Basic concept of this artwork is communication, exchanging of positive or negative vibrations, those are sharing by all of us and interpret in my own way.

Mix Media on Paper
By Madhu Gupta

This art work is an expression of suppressed society which is affected by the bad elements (greed, anger, jealousy) in the form of monsters’ tree over the society. Instead of direct criticism I have touched the disturbed condition of the society which need attention for the right solutions to empower the society.

In the same way multimedia and technology is helping all the artists, writers, thinkers etc. to express their ideas, concepts to awaken the society on different issues. It changes our rigid or sick mindset for the better survival of human beings. Technology plays very powerful role to think and act for peace, unity and compassion in the society by improving the present damaged picture of the society.

Distance is vanished between the people from any part of the world, it saves time, money and energy which is only possible through multimedia technology. Multimedia’s bliss makes common men live very smooth and comfortable by providing online shopping, different kinds of awareness and assistance at their place and save time, money and energy.

Over population and pollution are some of the global issues which disturbs the ecological balance. Multimedia plays a very important role by awakening the common man and guiding how to control over it.  Now it’s time to take action to control and solve the issues for the mankind. Latest technology of multimedia is boom for all the professionals, to do their best for the society’s growth and development.

Our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi ji motivating the Digital India, Skill India, Make In India, Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, Mann ki Baaaat etc. to improve the mindset of the society, it is only possible due to multimedia. It also plays a very important role in women safety and empowerment.

When all the fields are progressing due to technology there is scope of peace and harmony which encourages the unity in society. It also makes possible to break the rigid wall of castes, religion, rich and poor.

Spirituality is the essence of the soulful society. Technology encourages new perspective of spirituality and make whole society a big family with one God. It directly empowers the society.

 Manthan – II

I have to conclude here by giving my gratitude to creators and developers of technology and multimedia. I wish – may it be used for the best of mankind.


Madhu Gupta

* * * * *


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  1. Very well said...
    Ur paintings appear to be soulful...
    Wishing U success in all ur endeavours...
    God bless U...


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