Monday, May 1, 2017

Role of Multimedia Mobile Technology in Social Empowerment

Role of Multimedia Mobile Technology in Social Empowerment

Manish Kumar
Department of Animation and Multimedia, Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra:Ranchi, off-Campus:Jaipur


This article explores how Smartphone Technology can be a springboard to attain Social empowerment in India. India has stepped into 21st century with a bold mission to join the group of economic superpowers. India can use potential of Mobile Technology to enable society to climb the ladder of power and freedom in economic as well as social sphere. It can even be a bulwark of women safety like recently launched Himmat Mobile App. Mobile revolution has increased the accessibility of public service delivery to distant lands. M-Pesa creates virtual banking space for remote and poor people. Smartphone Technology is changing the global landscape impacting the way people live, think, work and communicate. The range Smartphone Technology is extensive including better access to information, technology and social networking.

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