Monday, May 1, 2017

Mobile Apps For Social Equality & Empowerment

Mobile Apps For Social Equality & Empowerment
Ankita Bhatnagar
Research Scholar, Noida (U.P.), India

The expansion of new media technologies has been covering Indian villages especially mobile phones and smart phones due to its unique features, low price and easy to use nature. India is a country of villages. Personal Computers and Internet Connections are still out of reach for common people of Indian village. Digital era is not entirely considered digital in the real sense without mobile phones. Mobile phones, internet and new media are the inseparable characteristics of new media and of new digital age. Last two decades are noticeable for the expansion and popularity of Mobile Phones. Mobile phone numbers is like a digital identity number in the digital age. Mobile phones are playing very crucial and unique roles in the life of common people. Use of mobile apps is making the learning more interesting and interactive. Any educational interaction that takes place via mobile technology can be referred to as mobile learning (m-learning).  A variety of devices are available for m-learning, ranging from mobile phones to the iPad.  However, the most popular medium for m-learning is currently smart phones. 

The rural-urban gap has closed when it comes to communication services with people living in rural villages spending about 25.33% of their budget on mobiles, while urban families are marginally ahead at 26.33%. By 2020, about 315 million Indians living in rural areas will be connected to the Internet, compared to around 120 million at present.

Government, NGOs and many private companies have launched several android apps for social upliftment including farming, agriculture market, clean and green India, Female Education, Female safety, Digital Banking, etc. The applications aim to provide information about the latest trends, equipment, technologies and methods being used. Due to these apps farmers may now apply loan, fertilizes, weather information, ladies may get any kind of assistance during journey; purchase became easy and so on.
Urban as well as rural people are getting information easily through mobile, improvement in agriculture, self confidence in women and convenience in purchasing has increased tremendously.

Few apps related to this are:-

Kisan Suvidha, Pusa Krishi, MKisan Application, Shetkari Masik Android App, Crop Insurance Android App, AgriMarket, mDemand , Swachh Bharat Clean India App, Himmat, Raksha, Smart 24  x7, Paytm  etc.

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