Monday, May 15, 2017

The Role of Educational Institutes in Making of Animation Projects on Social Issues

The Role of Educational Institutes in Making of Animation Projects on Social Issues

Dr. Vibhuti Pandya
Asst. Professor- Animation & Multimedia Dept.
Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra, Jaipur Campus.


This article explores the role of Indian educational institutes in making of animation projects on social awareness. The objective is to find out the appropriate institutes where animation is being produced regularly and to review few unique students’ films which were developed on social awareness. The article also explores the scope of budding animators after completion of their courses. It is found that most of the animated short films based on the social issues are created by the students, their contribution is much larger than professional animation studios. Usually animation studios work for entertainment industry, digital games and   advertisements. Few studios work on the social issues only when they get the order from any NGO or Govt. agenesis. But the educational institutes never get profit from these films. The films are made especially for developing social awareness and certainly for getting artistic satisfaction, experimentation and presentation. The students’ films are sent for the screening in the prestigious film festivals organize in India and abroad, this is an excellent exposure for all the students to win awards in international and national level. It is also found that most of the faculty members are also involved in making of their independent animation films which are based on social development. These short films would be a great motivational factor or a benchmark for all the students who pursue their films under the guidance of their faculty members. Overall it can be said that student life is the best time to create animated films based on social awareness. If every students and faculty members contribute their films on the social awareness one day all the problems will disappear and life will be easier for all.              

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