Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Social Dimensions of Advertising Art

Social Dimensions of Advertising Art
Dr. Rishika Sharma
Animation & Multimedia Dept., Birla Institute of Technology, Mesra: Ranchi, Jaipur Campus


Advertising Art has remarkable ability to reach masses and educate the society .This paper seeks to present a general overview on social dimensions of Advertising Art . The discussion makes reference in a broad perspective in order to establish the importance of Adverting Art in social context. Now these days , Multimedia is rising as a great platform for this Art  . Advertising represents a socializing agent for various groups of society because they incorporate the content of Advertising in their exchange with their peers. Finally, this work concludes that advertising represents a leading social-cultural fact for various areas of society, because it is a central actor of their daily life. Advertising is one of the most pervasive and all-encompassing forms of communication in the modern world , which plays an important role in our society.

Keywords: Advertising Art , social dimensions, social-cultural facts, multimedia, communication

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